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Hello! My name is Trey and I love building awesome products for them web! I've spent my life engrossed in technology, I love exploring technologies and using it to solve problems. I started building websites from the moment I got my hands on the internet in 1996. I've been working professionally as a Front End Software Engineer for the last twelve years. I have a wide array of interests and skills across a variety of languages, libraries and platforms.

I'm currently working on the best ways to use NextJS with WordPress. I'm currently experimenting with NeoVIM and my development workflow. I'm currently studying with the Epic React course and learning to work in Python. I'm currently reading, "Think Like A Programer" and "Fluent Python."


Code Review for Everyone!

February 22, 2024

I like many people find myself often having to provide code reviews and offer feedback to my coworkers and friends.  But like anyone else I often wonder if I’m doing it well, and can I do this better? I set out to find some advice… I myself have been doing day-to-day code reviews for about […]

Implementing Highlight.js

February 18, 2024

Implementing Highlight.js is by no means complicated, but finding all of the information I needed in one place was more difficult than it should have been. I wanted to share my implementation with the hopes that it may help someone else somewhere down the line. First off, Highlight.js is a library you can add to […]

Best practices for feature flagging

February 14, 2024

Types of Tags Short Term Flags Permanent Flags Limited Lifespan Entitlements Clear Purpose Circuit Breakers A/B Testing Segments Load Shedding New Services Rollout White labeling Release Kill Switch Accessibility Operational Flags — “An operational interaction flag is controlled by the ops team to protect the systems” Release Flag — “A release flag is controlled by […]

Time is soup, good soup.

February 11, 2024

My lovely wife and I have an on-going joke about how time constantly is slipping away from us, yet not… “Time is soup.” It’s hard to put together the pieces of what the last three years have been. It seems like everything has just been a mad rush since June 2020. I can finally feel […]

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