Time Flies When You’re Not Looking

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the perception of time does seem to speed up. Most people have probably heard a parent of grandparent say something like. “The months feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days.”

There is some merit to this, and as I sit here writing, all I can think is… What the heck happened to last winter? Did I even have to shovel snow?  S0me how I find it difficult to recall.  But, spring is most certainly in full bloom, and summer is coming fast.

A tee that had recently fallen into Hamlin Lake above the dam.
A tree that had recently fallen into Hamlin Lake above the dam

Summer around west Michigan is a great time. The beaches are open and bustling, there is an event within 20 miles nearly every weekend. Michigan is full of outdoor activities and I’d be foolish if I didn’t take advantage of them. For my birthday a couple weeks ago I went for hike in Ludington State Park, it wasn’t long or rigorous, but it was nice to get back out into the woods. I turned 31 in April. People often say you change after you turn thirty. I am going to go ahead and jump on board that ship and set sail.

Something has changed since I turned thirty. I don’t know if its because I thought something was supposed to change or if its something that has really changed. I find myself increasingly patient with things that used to get me really worked up and frustrated. I’ve also noticed that I don’t act on impulse nearly as often as I had before. Let me be clear, these are not bad things. But, they are different things.

jerky making
First attempt at jerky making

More often I am finding myself with the urge to move away from my hometown. I have been here my whole life, and there is really nothing bad about this town. I just feel like I need to stretch my legs, I know this place backwards and forwards. I miss the feeling of discovery, there’s just nothing new for me to find here. Many people have encouraged me to travel more, but if I did that I’d like to stay somewhere for a while, the nice thing is I can bring my work with me wherever I go. There are several cities I have an interest in, and I would like to experience the vast culture that the U.S. is blessed to have all in one place.

I recently acquired a cheap barrel smoker, and with it a new hobby. I made some early attempts at Jerky making, and I smoked a Beef Roast. This type of cooking is totally up my alley; I get to play with fire, set it then maintain it over a long period of time, and eat delicious smoked meats. I’ve already begun modifying my smoker to make it more efficient having added a Nomex Seal around the lid, adding a heat shield/baffle over the firebox hole, and using high performance silicone to seal seams and leaks.  Next week I’ll have some fire bricks to line the bottom of the smoker to help the thin metal retain heat more effectively.

So, for now, I’ll be here letting the time pass, smoking meat, enjoying the summer, and building websites.