Summer in Muskegon

People often wonder, sometimes aloud “What makes Muskegon so great?”

I love the town in which I live. For me, it is just the right size, not too big and not too small. It is a place with lots of opportunity, and an amazing creative culture. It has a small town feel but with all the possibilities of a city many times larger.

The part of Muskegon that really makes me want to stay is the summer. There is nothing quite like a muskegon summer. Things that as teenagers and young adults we did just for something to do have become traditions that if missed leave an empty void like feeling. Sometimes this feeling will carry on for the entire year, until the time comes for the tradition to be carried out all over again. From another point of view this could easily be diagnosed as some sort of crazy person behavior, but I’m willing to take the optimistic approach.

I love swimming in the pool with my dog. He loves the water so much and theres nothing more he wants on a hot day than some play time in the pool.

The Fireworks on the fourth of July. This year I watched them twice, and felt like a kid. My friends Jenny and Lucas brought their toddler son, who watched the fireworks for the first time and to hear him exclaim “Wow!” with such wonder, brought me some strange joy.

Right before the fireworks 2014

Walking through Bike Time, its always hot, but the sights and sounds drown it all out. Its a simultaneous thing of beauty and complete chaos. I will be there every year, maybe one day with finally with a motorcycle.

I couldn’t think of a way to cap off a summer better than Michigan Irish Music Festival. I have worked on this festival in some fashion since 2002. For the last 8 years I’ve been stage managing, which mostly consists of making sure things are on time and running as smoothly as possible. I love walking through the festival and seeing everyone having a great time. I look on in awe from the wings as bands like Gaelic Storm blow us away with their energy and presence. In those moments realize I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else and I’m lucky to be apart of it.

Summer in Muskegon is a time of activity, parties and joy.

Winter is coming.