I recently undertook the challenge of re-branding myself and redesigning my website. This was not a challenge I undertook lightly. I built many websites over the course of the last two years, for a wide variety of clients. I saw many pitfalls I wanted to avoid, and knew what my “style” was going to be. My website over the years has never been something I’ve been really proud to call my own. I feel like the new version of my site is finally something that represents who I am, and the work I am capable of accomplishing.

My goals for my new site were to move away from the dark colors, that had always been ubiquitous to my sites. I knew I wanted to create art directed blog posts, and I wanted the main portion of my site to highlight who I am, and the work that I’m doing. I also wanted to be able to use my website and blog as a place to experiment, and use bleeding edge techniques.

I started the process thinking I wanted to try a new CMS and began experimenting with Kirby I had a site built out and ready to begin populating with content. But something about the the whole thing seemed like I was putting my site in a box, and saying “Stay within this box, or else!” I gave up on that, and decided I would like to try using WordPress again, after all its first and foremost a blogging platform. I tried a very rought version of the site and realzied that without adding a good deal of pageweight, I was never going to get the fine level of control I wanted over each post.

This led me to the conlusion that the best way to give my posts a long life on the web would be to treat each one as its own micro-site. The best way I determined to do that, while giving me the most flexibilty about what goes into each post, was to keep it all in plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So thats what I’ve done, gone back to the roots of front end development. I realize this method does not allow me to quickly generate posts, but I’m hoping that will only lead to a higher quality final product. Even though it means posting less frequently.

I’m hoping the next year brings many new things, and lots of great experiences to share!