Trey Kane

The Redbook of Fruit Jars

I built the first Red Book of Fruit Jars site in 2006 using Dreamweaver and table based layouts. I didn't really know what I was doing, and my skills at the time were just starting out. The rollovers were really kind of awful, but the site did its job. Luckily has an archived version here.

In 2012 I was restarting my Web Development career and I took on the task of rebuilding The Redbook of Fruit Jars site using modern web standards, and to utilize a CMS. The authors goals were simple and centered around making the site cleaner, increased traffic, increased sales, and search engine visibility.

I began to work with the author on generating the copy and content of his site. Given the nature of the audience that would be using the site, and the simple function the site is meant to perform. I choose to stick to a rather traditional site layout and presentation wIth the goals being ease of use, and simplicity.

As I've found happens with most projects, I find that there are many things I would do differently in hindsight. I would pay far more attention to the responsive layouts, and images. I would find a way to make posting to the blog even easier for the author, as he never really got the hang of it and the blog has gone unused. I would also like to revisit the typography and attempt to match it to that of the book in a more cohesive way.

The site redesign has been a success for the author. Several of the features that were added have made the order fulfillment process easier and more automated for him. Simple considerations like an autoresponder to keep the customer informed as the order is processed. The redesign of the site has also made it more visible in search engines. The photos the author and I took for the site, have been used in many other works on the web, and have helped drive traffic to the site.

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I like to write about web development, and I try to apply a unique and contextual design to each post. I love to write about the things I'm learning and the projects I'm working on. I also make certain everything I do on my blog is completely open source, so anyone can view it entirely, make suggestions for improvement, or use it for their own projects.

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