Holidays 2014

This year has been a long year of changes and reflections but only the start of what is coming. I’ve been working on figuring out exactly who and what I want to be in this world. It may seem like I am a bit late to the party, but it was bound to happen sometime. I have a very strong idea of who I am, and what I want out of life and it may sound strange but that isn’t heaps of money and all the time in the world. In fact, that sounds pretty terrible. I’d much rather have what I need and be very busy working on things I enjoy.

In January I started a job with Revel Marketing as the Digital Project Manger, and enjoyed it greatly. I got the opportunity to be deeply involved in a very large number of projects during that time, and the experience was incredibly valuable. In late October the opportunity to start my own business appeared and I took it without looking back. Since then I’ve been working on a large website project that should be launching in the next couple of weeks and I am growing very excited to open it up to the world. During this time I’ve also taken the time to reaffirm some educational points via Treehouse and thats been a nice refresher and brought me back some foundations that had slipped while focusing heavily on the project management. For the last two months I’ve had the chance to step back and remember why I love building things for the web. I have lots of ideas for the future, but for now I plan to maintain a stream of client work. If you need a website, lets talk!

My nephew apparently grew curious about the GoPro on the mantle.
My nephew apparently grew curious about the GoPro on the mantle.

Christmas this year was a welcome surprise and change of pace from what had been Christmas the last few years. As an adult without children, I’ve found the spirit and magic of Christmas escaping me a little more year after year for the last decade. For the most part I believe this is a natural progression that most go through on the Journey into adulthood. However, I trace the accelerated death of our family Christmas traditions to the years after my grandparents deaths, the coup de grâce being when my dad died in 2010. It left the holidays feeling like this empty hole and none of us really knew what to do with ourselves. Like they say though, all wounds heal with time and this year Christmas was pretty awesome we all seemed to enjoy the company of each other and after five years it finally felt like Christmas again.

The new year is coming fast and I don’t expect it to be any less awesome than last year. I mean, it has to be the main event of this adventure hasn’t even begun yet!